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Adventure Prep

adventure prep

How do you Prep?

When it comes to adventure prep for motorbikes, there are a few key factors that need to be taken into consideration. First and foremost is safety: ensuring the bike is in peak condition and the rider is properly outfitted with the necessary gear can make all the difference in an adventure ride. In this article, we will look at things to do & how to adventure prep correctly!

Tyre Pressure

Maintenance should be a priority when preparing for an adventure ride. Checking the tyre pressure and tread, left on your wheels is essential. You're about to embark on a long journey, your wheels are going to do some serious distance over different surfaces, so ensuring they are in a good condition before setting out is a must.


Performing an oil change, inspecting brakes, checking fluid levels and making sure all nuts and bolts are tight are essential steps any adventure rider should take before setting out. It's also a good idea to test-ride the bike on a short circuit to make sure everything is working properly before taking it on a longer adventure.

Handle Bars

Although it may sound obvious to an experienced motorcyclist, double-check your handlebars. Your riding style might have changed from when you first set them up, so consider adjusting their position to suit. Additionally, inspect for any potential damage and make sure the bars are firmly turning in both directions. Enough dirt into the crevices of the bike can really make an impact on its handling & overall functionality.

Spare parts

If you're going on a long adventure, your bike is going to experience some wear & tear, no matter how new your bike is. It can be a good idea to bring tools that can make small repairs while on the move. While you may not be able to bring a new tyre around with you. A spanner & screwdriver won't take up much room, but could sort you out in a pinch.

Safety Gear

Safety gear is just as important as the bike itself. Helmet, gloves, eye protection and a sturdy pair of protective clothing are some of the basic items that should be worn for adventure rides. More experienced adventure riders may also want to invest in motorcycle armour or additional accessories such as GPS navigation systems or communication radios, especially when travelling long distances.

motorbike helmet

Route Plan

Lastly, adventure riders should plan their route and make sure they have the necessary supplies for the journey. It's also a good idea to tell someone at home where you are going and when you expect to return so that help can be sought in case of an emergency. Hopefully, it's something that is never needed, however, it's always best to plan as part of your adventure prep.

Preparation is key

Riders can hit the road with confidence and peace of mind by taking the time to adventure prep for motorbikes. From ensuring that the bike is in top condition to investing in safety gear and having a plan for the journey, adventure prep can make all the difference when it comes to adventure riding. With a little bit of preparation, adventure riders can get the most out of their journey and make it a memorable experience.

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