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Maneuverability And Lightness Triumph Speed Triple RS

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    MASH X-RIDE 125CC Overview
    Never before has there been a more beautiful 125cc classic-looking off-road motorbike than the new X-Ride 125. Classic in looks but modern in technology. Just like the Black Seven 125, the X-Ride 125 is equipped with a liquid-cooled 1-cylinder engine. Quieter, more powerful but also more economical thanks to the new power source. Of course Euro 5 and equipped with a modern ABS braking system so that you always stop in time in every situation. Equipped with beautiful golden rims, LED daytime running lights at the front and LED at the back. The beautiful indicators are also equipped with LED. The X-Ride 125 will be available in 17″ x 17″. Suitable for A1 driving licence.