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Maneuverability And Lightness Triumph Speed Triple RS

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    Sym JET 14 50cc Overview

    Jet 14 50 AC - your perfect partner for swift and secure city travel, offering all the comfort you need for an enjoyable journey. Its sleek and sporty design features angular lines and LED lighting, providing a contemporary and dynamic appearance. Experience maximum driving comfort with its flat floor and an array of equipment details. The spacious compartment beneath the seat accommodates a full-face helmet, while the QC 2.0 USB charging socket and numerous practical solutions ensure functionality for everyday use. The Jet 14 50 AC boasts an LED lighting system, including front position lights and rear lights, enhancing visibility from a distance. Its new Euro 5 engine ensures excellent performance, minimal fuel consumption, and low emissions, making it environmentally friendly. The rear mono shock guarantees a smooth and precise driving response, and the 260mm front disc brake offers maximum safety. Additionally, the retractable foot pegs integrate seamlessly into the bodywork, while the retractable carrier hook provides a comfortable and elegant solution for carrying items. Other features include a glove box behind the shield for convenient storage and a flat ground for optimal driving position and the ability to transport light objects. The analog panel with indicator lights and high-power, low-consumption LED lighting further enhances the Jet 14 50 AC's practicality. Furthermore, the side stand allows for comfortable momentary parking, and the central stand ensures greater parking stability. Lastly, the Jet 14 50 AC includes a USB socket for recharging electronic devices and ample space under the seat for a full-face helmet. THINK NO MORE. LET'S JET! Contact your nearest dealer now and ask for your personalized purchase plan.