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Maneuverability And Lightness Triumph Speed Triple RS

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    Sym MAXSYM TL 508 Overview

    SYM MAXSYM TL is a next-generation flagship maxi scooter that combines motorcycle handling and scooter convenience in one body. This perfect fusion eliminates the need for any sacrifices. With its motorbike-style engine mounting and excellent dynamic performance, the MAXSYM TL offers outstanding handling performance and futuristic sports apparel. The TL's 50/50 weight distribution, shortened wheelbase, and single-sided multi-link rear suspension ensure excellent handling performance. The compact body size and sports apparel add to the TL's concise, aggressive, and tough look. The in-line twin-cylinder engine with reverse balance cylinder and multi-disc automatic wet clutch effectively reduces engine vibration at high speeds, delivering vibration-free power to the rear wheel from start-up. With a displacement of 508 cc and 8 valves - DOHC, the TL delivers a maximum power of 33.5 kW at 6,750 rpm, making it one of the best in similar capacity competitors. The TL's exquisite "rear mono shock with multi-link suspension" absorbs impacts from the road surface and reacts delicately, allowing riders to sense every inch of road feedback. The upside-down front fork with double triple clamp enhances the rigidity of the suspension system and ensures stability. The 50/50 balanced weight distribution, shortened wheelbase, and extended aluminum swing arm make the TL excellent at handling and fulfilling both high-speed stability and remarkable urban agility. The TL's braking system includes dual radial 4-piston front caliper + 275mm wave discs with steel braided brake hoses, delivering powerful braking force. With the precise ABS control, the ultimate braking performance is assured. The four reflective LED headlights provide a splendid overall lighting performance, and the high beam offers a clearer vision at night. The TL's appearance is sleek and sporty, with a modern and futuristic product identity. The design is based on the fluidic concept, with an upswept body curve that gives it a concise and aggressive look. The TL's LED light set highlights the SYM brand's high-tech signature, and the rear light adopts the latest technology - LED OPTICAL FILM, adding to its modern and futuristic appearance. The SYM MAXSYM TL offers riders a better choice without any compromise, combining motorcycle handling and scooter convenience in one body. Follow your instincts and enjoy the excitement with the TL.