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Performance & Custom Parts

If you’re an avid motorbike owner, you’ve likely heard of performance and custom parts. But what exactly do they do? And why should you invest in them? Rideworx offer a huge range of performance & custom parts from a wide variety of top brands for motorcycles and their riders! talk to our specialist team about your requirements, whatever you are after we can help! from performance exhausts, filters, ECU upgrades, track day, and race prep, to custom cruiser builds and specialist "one-off" custom parts! We also now offer Off-road and adventure bike preparation. Getting you ready for whatever road you decide to take!

What Are Performance Parts?

Performance parts are components that have been specifically designed to improve the overall performance of a bike. Common examples include high-performance exhaust systems, air filters, spark plugs, fuel pumps, and camshafts. By upgrading these components, bike owners can get more power out of their engines and increase the speed capabilities of their machines.

What Are Custom Parts?

Custom parts are components that have been designed to give a bike a unique look or feel. Popular items include custom seat covers, chrome accents, LED lights, handlebars and grips, windscreens, and wheel rims. While custom parts do not improve the performance of a bike directly, they can give it an aesthetic edge over other bikes on the road.

Which Type Should I Invest In?

Whether you opt for performance or custom parts is entirely up to you—it depends on your preferences and goals as a biker. If you want to stay ahead of the pack in terms of speed and power output from your engine, then investing in performance parts is probably the way to go. On the other hand, if you’re more focused on having a unique look for your machine than anything else, then custom parts may be more suitable for you.


No matter what type of biker you are—speed freak or style maven—there’s something out there for everyone when it comes to performance and custom parts for motorbikes. The key is finding what works best for your individual needs as well as your budget. So whether you choose to invest in performance parts or custom ones (or both!), make sure that whatever upgrades you choose will bring out the best in your ride!

Upgrade Your Bike with Rideworx Today!

At Rideworx, we strive to make it easy to find the perfect performance and custom parts for your motorbike. We stock all the top brands, so you know that you’re getting a high-quality component at an affordable price. Plus, our specialist team can help you with finding exactly what you need—whether it’s a performance exhaust, custom handlebars, or something else entirely. So come on down to Rideworx today and get your bike ready to hit the open road!

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