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Race Bike Prep

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If you’re thinking about entering a motorbike race, whether it is your first race or you're a regular racer, it’s important to go into the race with the right racebike preparation. There are a lot of factors that can influence your performance, and having the proper knowledge and equipment will help ensure you do your best on the track. In this article, we will be looking at the best motorcycle care techniques.

Safety Gear

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you have all of the right safety gear. This includes a good-quality helmet, gloves, boots, elbow pads, and a back protector. It is also highly recommended that you wear full leather or other protective clothing to avoid serious injury from a fall or crash. Remember, safety always comes first!

The Rider

Your motorbike is only as good as its rider, so it’s important to condition yourself for the demands of racing. This means getting into shape both physically and mentally. Cardio exercises such as running or cycling are important for building up endurance while strength training can help build muscle and increase power output on the track. Mental training techniques such as meditation and visualization can also help improve focus and concentration during races.

Remember your Brakes!

It may sound ridiculous, but check your brakes! Brake failure on track is just as dangerous and inconvenient as it is on the road. Therefore, be sure to disassemble and inspect your brake pads for friction material before a track day; if there's less than 3mm of friction material left, a replacement should be done. To ensure you're up-to-specification cross reference with your motorbike manual.

Tyre Pressure

For road driving, most brands suggest a rear tire pressure of 42 psi and 36 psi for the front. When using your bike on a track, you'll need to reduce those pressures due to greater acceleration and braking forces generating more heat. The best way to obtain accurate information is by directly asking the tyre manufacturer or retailer for advice

Super Suspension

If you're looking to get the best performance from your road bike on a track, then experimenting with small changes in damping and preload settings is key. For an even more optimized ride, treat yourself to an expert set-up when arriving at any given race day; many events feature dedicated suspension specialists available for consultation.

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Final Checks

Before entering any race, you must perform maintenance checks on your bike to make sure everything is working correctly. This includes all points mentioned above, plus electrical systems, etc. As well as making sure everything is securely fastened in place so there won’t be any surprises mid-race! Checking over all parts for motorbikes will help to complete your bike prep before your race.


Motorbike racing can be an incredibly thrilling experience—but it requires careful preparation if you want to stay safe and perform your best out on the track. Make sure you have all of the necessary safety gear before hitting the road; get into shape by performing cardio workouts and engaging in mental training; and lastly check your bike thoroughly before jumping onto it for a race! With these preparations taken care of beforehand, you should be ready for an amazing time out on the course!

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