Replacing Your Tyres


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Motorbikes are a great way to get around and have some fun. But like all vehicles, they require maintenance and upkeep. One of the most important components of your motorcycle is its tyres. Keeping an eye on your tyres’ condition is essential for ensuring a safe ride and getting the most out of your bike. Here’s when you should consider getting new tyres for your motorbike.​


Most experts recommend replacing the tyres on your motorcycle every two to three years, regardless of how much you ride it. This is because rubber deteriorates over time due to environmental factors such as sunlight and heat, so even if you aren’t riding very often, it’s still important to keep an eye on the age of your tyres. Additionally, if you do more off-roading than street riding, then you may need to replace your tyres sooner than that two- or three-year mark since they may take a bigger beating from rougher terrain.

Tread Depth

In addition to the time frame, pay close attention to the of your tyres tread depth. If the tread is below 1/32nd of an inch in any area, then it’s time for new ones—even if it hasn’t been two years yet! The tread is what helps provide traction between the tire and road surface so having enough tread depth is key for ensuring a smooth ride and good handling performance from your bike. It also helps with managing wet road conditions since more tread means better water displacement from under the tire which can help prevent hydroplaning or slipping in wet weather.

Uneven Wear

If you notice that one side of the tyre is wearing down faster than the other, this could indicate an issue with alignment or suspension that needs to be addressed before getting new tyres because otherwise, they will wear unevenly again after installation. Uneven wear can also be caused by improper inflation pressure or overloading (carrying too much weight). So make sure these things are checked out before investing in a new set of tyres!


Motorcycles need regular maintenance like any other vehicle—and one of those tasks should include regular checks on your bike’s tyres. While most experts recommend replacing them every two to three years, keeping an eye on their tread depth and checking for uneven wear can help alert you if they need changing sooner than that timeframe suggests. Properly maintained tyres will ensure a safe ride while improving handling performance and fuel efficiency so don't forget this important step in keeping up with your motorbike!​

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